Elite Pianist Lessons

Are you an advanced pianist who aspires to play at elite international levels?

Looking for an experienced, seasoned music professional who wants to help you reach your full artistic potential? I can help you achieve your unique musical goals. If you are an elite player and require occasional coaching--- more than you need a weekly teacher----you've come to the right place.
My students have been successful applicants for international tertiary institutions in Europe and the USA, and I have helped many performing musicians gain targeted skills to become more confident performers.

I understand the exclusive needs of elite pianists and can share the knowledge gained from top international musicians with you. My major teachers were John Perry (USA) and Joan Havill (UK), and festival teachers including Robert Levin, Anne Epperson, Arie Vardi, Jerome Lowenthal, and Joseph Silverstein--all legends in the music world. Read my biography to find out about my background as a solo pianist and top tier chamber performer.

If you're ready for the next level, let's get started today!

Ace your diploma exams and University recitals with excellent marks
Study as intensely or infrequently as you need
Prepare for your overseas University auditions with confidence
Tame your nerves and feel more in control when playing under pressure.

Piano Lesson Hours

Monday to Wednesday

2pm to 7:30pm

Saturday to Sunday

9am to 6pm

What our students say

We are fortunate to have Ms Brenda Jones teach our 2 girls the piano. Ms Jones is an amazing piano teacher, full of passion, dedication and patience. She is an extremely accomplished pianist herself and her accomplishments to date underpins her pursuit of excellence in everything she undertakes. Ms Jones is always very well prepared for the lessons, engages the girls in the lesson and tailors the lessons to their individual needs. Both girls have made excellent progress with Ms Jones and our girls absolutely love playing the piano and practising the piano (Ms Jones’ passion for excellence and enjoyment of music is clearly infectious). They love their lessons and the music they are playing. Their repertoire extends from contemporary, jazz, blues and classical music. They also enjoy the regular group piano lessons and the concerts that occur at the Forest Piano Academy which are extremely well organised.

Tanya - Parent, Manly

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