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Quality Piano Lessons in Sydney's North Shore

At Forest Piano Academy, your child’s musical enjoyment and success is our #1 priority. We understand that fun, enjoyment and achievement work together to make our students want to play piano for many years.We offer both individual piano classes and group classes. At each lesson, your child learns everything they need to feel confident about practising on their own–right from the start.
Your child will have lessons on a Steinway and Sons grand piano and will have the option of learning a variety of musical style including Classical, Jazz, Broadway, Rock and more

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Piano Lessons Hours

Monday to Wednesday

2pm to 7:30pm

Saturday to Sunday

9am to 6pm

What our students say

Ms. Jones has been my teacher for 4 years and puts a lot of effort into her teaching. Ms Jones does what she thinks is best for the student, choosing our next pieces with us specifically, helping us with our faults, is always understanding and never forgets to reward us with a sticker at the end of each lesson. I would definitely recommend Ms Jones for anyone who wants a piano teacher with flare. The thing I’ve especially enjoyed about all Ms Jones’ lessons is that she is always fun.

Anna, 10 Years Old Student

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