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At Forest Piano Academy, your child’s musical fulfillment is our #1 priority. We understand that joy, achievement and success work together to create students that love music for their entire lives. At each lesson, your child learns everything they need to feel confident about practising on their own–right from the start. We focus on weekly individual lessons and also meet several times a year for performance masterclasses and concerts. Your child will have lessons on a Steinway and Sons grand piano and have the option of learning a variety of musical styles.
Our students are proud of how they have grown as people through learning music.

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What our students say

Brenda is an awesome teacher who helps me set goals, achieve goals while having fun doing that. I really enjoy going to piano lessons. Brenda makes it fun but she also challenges me. She does group days where we come together to play for each other and play piano games. Brenda makes learning the piano fun and enjoyable.

Olivia - Student, 10 years old

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