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We had our first interview with Brenda in Apr 2018 and immediately I knew she would be a great piano teacher for my son and daughter. My first impression of Brenda was that she is the kind of teacher who genuinely believes that piano learning can be fun, interesting and rewarding! She goes all the way and tries every possible and creative way to make the learning journey interesting and yet challenging for her students. Brenda is super organised in her teaching and honestly, I have not yet come across another music teacher who can be so thorough in nearly all aspects from lesson notes, group lessons, student concerts, exam arrangements, competition suggestions, video sharing, masterclass opportunity, mock exams and more! Brenda is also amazingly efficient with her communications with us, which keeps us up to speed with the kids' progress and concerning issues and allows us to create positive and open discussions with the kids. My son said he greatly enjoys the variety of repertoire suggested by Brenda and finds it really helpful by Brenda's unique approach of balancing the techniques and musicality.

Audrey - Parent, Roseville

Brenda is extremely generous in her teaching and goes to great lengths to offer her students an all rounded program regarding piano playing, including those fun group lessons, which our son enjoys so much. We are extremely impressed by Brenda’s ability to ‘read’ her students and develop a tailored approach to improve their piano playing. Our son especially benefits from Brenda’s specific instructions on techniques, and he is incredibly lucky to have Brenda as his piano teacher.

Sylvie - Parent, Lane Cove

We feel privileged and grateful to have discovered Brenda and Forest Piano Academy. Brenda is an exceptional teacher who understands, not only how to teach a student to play well and read music, but how to motivate a student and inspire and instil life skills that go way beyond just learning to play songs. It has been a very rewarding journey seeing my daughter’s progress over the past couple of years and to witness her overcome challenges and reach new goals under the careful guidance and excellent teaching provided by Brenda.

Nicole - Parent, Roseville Chase

Brenda is a smart, fun and patient teacher who is passionate about teaching and helps kids to achieve their highest potentials. My 7 year old has been enjoying her piano lessons since Day 1.Brenda has the magic to make piano learning fun and enjoyable. I have sat in some of the classes and had the opportunities to see different fun games and challenges she prepared for kids to learn music theory and note reading. They are so effective. My daughter always wants to play the games and has been learning all the theories unconsciously.Brenda is also a role model for my daughter. She is a professional pianist who is very talented, creative and always has a high standard on her work. My daughter said many times that she wants to be Brenda in future!

Lily - Parent, Lane Cove

We are fortunate to have Ms Brenda Jones teach our 2 girls the piano. Ms Jones is an amazing piano teacher, full of passion, dedication and patience. She is an extremely accomplished pianist herself and her accomplishments to date underpins her pursuit of excellence in everything she undertakes. Ms Jones is always very well prepared for the lessons, engages the girls in the lesson and tailors the lessons to their individual needs. Both girls have made excellent progress with Ms Jones and our girls absolutely love playing the piano and practising the piano (Ms Jones’ passion for excellence and enjoyment of music is clearly infectious). They love their lessons and the music they are playing. Their repertoire extends from contemporary, jazz, blues and classical music. They also enjoy the regular group piano lessons and the concerts that occur at the Forest Piano Academy which are extremely well organised.

Tanya - Parent, Manly

Brenda is a awesome teacher who helps me set goals, achieve goals while having fun doing that. I really enjoy going to piano lessons. Brenda makes it fun but she also challenges me. She also does group days where we come together to play for each other and play piano games. Brenda makes learning the piano fun and enjoyable.

Olivia - Student, 10 Years Old

Brenda is very nice and lots of fun.  In group lessons Brenda lets you play piano games and I make new friends that also play the piano.  I have learnt a lot and love playing the piano now.

Joel - Student, 7 Years Old

Brenda was my Master Class teacher at AIM. She is a fine piano teacher with great technique, musicality and sight reading skill, but at the same time she also has a high sense of humour. She was very inspiring and the lessons were never boring. I have become a piano teacher now and I have been also teaching my own daughter who is now 10 y.o. However, my daughter also has had a few masterclass lessons with Brenda at the events of piano competitions and exams, which was very helpful. Due to the high standard of her teaching method and professionalism, I will not hesitate to recommend anybody to learn piano with her.

Fonda - Student, Prestons

Ms Jones is an absolutely fabulous piano teacher. She is genuinely enthusiastic in her approach to teaching the piano, has a superb rapport with kids, is always clear in her expectations with the main focus of learning being the enjoyment of music. I would recommend Ms Jones as a piano teacher (and have done so) without hesitation.

Maria - Parent, Manly

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